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- Hangook Machinery and Metal Co., Ltd
CEO - Hyungsool Baek
Date of foundation - August 18, 2000
Headquarters - 215 Dusong-Ro, Saha-Gu, Busan, Republic of Korea(Gupyung-Dong 435-328)
Corporate registration number - 411-81-25461(Hangook Machinery Co., Ltd)
- 604-81-30251((Hangook Metal Co., Ltd)
- 603-81-84851(Hangook Master Door)
Staple items - Industrial pump, Marine pump, Fire pump, Gear pump, Submerged pump, Tank, Filter,
  Device for detecting, Moisture of jet fuel, Ozone sterilizer, Winch, Capstan, Bell mouth, Anchor, Chain,
  Hhatch, Emergency blocking unit, Steel casting, Stainless steel casting, Nonferrous metal, Valve,
  Marine stores.
Contact information - Hangook Machinery Co., Ltd +82-51-416-7583 / FAX:+82-51-416-7517/+82-51-418-6620
- Hangook Metal Co., Ltd +82-51-418-6617~8 / FAX:+82-51-418-6620
- Hangook Master Door +82-51-714-6262 / FAX:+82-70-4324-7262
E-mail - sales@hangook101.com