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1999 03 Preperation at Support center for foundation in Mokpo university
2000 08 Hangook Machinery founded(Muan)
11 Obtained Quality Management System Certification
(KS A 9001:2001, ISO 9001:2000)
11 Production of marine pump
2002 01 Delivery to Daehyung shipbuilding
04 Delivery to Hanjin Heavy Industry
06 Supplying for military(Navy etc.)
2003 07 Moved the factory to Youngdo-Gu Busan
2004 06 Passing KIMMs shock, noise and impact test
07 Delivering hot water-circulating pump to LPX
12 Delivery to Hyundai Heavy Industry
2006 06 Delivering G/T fuel pressure and boost pump to KDX-
2007 10 Moved the headquarter to Gupyung-Dong Saha-Gu Busan
12 Registering Certification of a sterilizing and purifying apparatus for vessel
2008 02 Establishment of Hangook Metal Co
08 Completion of headquarter and factory
11 Approval of Department exclusively for R&D
2009 02 Obtained certification for (KR)ISO

Obtained approval for manufacturing process by KR

Carbon steel casting(RSC orequivalent product)

Stainless steel casting(RSSC orequivalent product)
Copper and copper alloy steel casting
(BC orequivalent product)
2012 05 Registered as a venture company
05 Patent registration of water gate valve and disk thereof
10 Establishment of Hangook Machinery Co.R&D Center
2013 01 Certification of INNOBIZ
02 Certification of parts specialized company
08 Hangook Daekyo Industry M&A
11 Patent registration of impeller for pump using composite structure material and manufacturing method therefor